We are thrilled to have two diverse photography exhibitions by Anna Gawn showcased at The Rippon Hall now through to the end of April.

The primary exhibition features Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world, bitterly fought over for centuries and a holy place of enormous significance for three religions. Jerusalem is a place where emotions are extreme: absolute intolerance, delirious joy, vitriolic hatred, profound devotion, corrosive depression and explosive violence.

Anna’s husband David, was Head of Mission for UNTSO (United Nations Supervision Organisation). ?His job was to monitor the borders between Israel and its neighbours, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, and to do what he could to ‘further the peace’. ?The UN mission was based in Jerusalem.

“I would frequently go into the old walled city of Jerusalem with my camera. I wasn?t thinking of an exhibition when I wandered those ancient streets, I just wanted to capture the residents in their own environment. ?The photos in the exhibition are people going about their day to day lives in an environment that most would find intolerable.?

Anna?s second exhibition features beautiful Italian frescoes.

All works available for purchase.

See Anna?s Work at The Rippon Hall, 11am to 5pm daily throughout March and April