From 8th November through 18th December, The Rippon Hall is excited to bring you an exhibition by Elissa Eastwood.

Eastwood is a Wanaka based artist who is currently completing a Diploma in Design and Decoration from Open Polytechnic New Zealand. She attended the Enmore Design School in Sydney and went on to study Visual Arts at Sydney University with a focus on painting.

When artist Elissa Eastwood was younger, she used to chase post cards, jumping planes from one beautiful location to the next. Seeking out extreme and amazing environments, which more often than not, led her to the mountains. She no longer travels with this reckless abandon, but rather explores her reactions to her environment through her artwork. She is in constant awe of the extreme nature and beauty of the mountains, it?s a place where she is blissfully aware of her own insignificance. In Eastwood?s abstract work she presents a series of symbols that allude to a narrative – just out of reach. In her cityscapes she employs a detached perspective from where you can see the restless energy of a city, a vibration that extends beyond its location.

Eastwood works in a unique style using resin, incorporating an eclectic mix of recycled materials and etching to build the detail into the works. Through the nature of the materials used, the works lure you to look through the work, dodging colour, metal, and hidden agendas. The process of discovery is part of the experience, which in itself is the art work.

Don?t miss this fascinating exhibition running 8th November through 18th December; 11 am ? 5 pm daily at The Rippon Hall.